Look Who's Laughing ...


Crowd Control series host

Daniel Pink

at (of all places) the DMV

on the


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We Take Laughter Seriously Here!


Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher



Association for

Applied and Therapeutic Humor

Laugh. Learn. LEAD!




March 25–26 (Orlando)

July 29–30 (Orlando)

November 4–5 (Orlando)


so register soon!


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Laughter Yoga Does the Job!


Put the serious power

of laughter to work

for your business!

Laughing Teambuilding Laughing

Laughing Stress Reduction Laughing

Laughing Workplace Wellness Laughing

Laughing Mental Sharpness Laughing

Laughing Motivation Laughing

Laughing Engagement Laughing

Laughing Performance Laughing

Laughing Retention Laughing


Laughing PRODUCTIVITY! Laughing


Be sure to ask about our corporate specials!

We'll design a single session

or package that's a perfect fit

for the unique needs of your business.

CommuniTeeHee Laughter Club

Open to ALL!  ALLways FREE!

Downtown Orlando

CommuniTeeHee Laughter Club

MONDAYS at 11:30 AM

Mayor William Beardall

Senior Center

800 Delaney Avenue

Orlando, FL 32801

(in the Orlando Regional Medical Center area of Orlando)

Click here for a flyer about this club.


JOYn us! For more information, contact PositiveLY Pat Conklin:

Cell: 407-616-5381

E-mail: LaughilyEverAfter@gmail.com

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Relax, Refresh, and Recharge ...


... with the Amaaazing Power of Laughter!


Ever wish you had the energy of a superhero? Does stress sap your strength like a big hunk of kryptonite?

No worries -- we have just the thing to save the day: Zap your stress and power up by plugging into the energy of laughter!

Laughter Yoga is NOW at

The Medical SPA and Pain Specialties Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

142 East Gore Street, Orlando, FL 32806

Join Laughter Yoga Orlando's "PositiveLY Pat" Conklin in an interactive adventure that will recharge your body’s innate superpowers using Laughter Yoga—a blend of easy, playful “laughter exercises” and yoga-style breathing. Come prepared to take flight from your stress … and leave feeling ready for action!



by calling The Medical SPA | Pain Specialties: 407-650-2063

For more information, contact

The Medical SPA | Pain Specialties: 407-650-2063

PositiveLY Pat: 407-616-5381